Produce: It All Started in the Kitchengarden at sunset

We moved to Blue Bell Farm in January of 2011. While our garden was in its early stages of construction, we grew our vegetables and herbs in non-traditional yet innovative locations. The Blue Bell Farm produce literally started in the kitchen…with fluorescent lights and plants growing on every surface.

Today, our one acre vegetable garden is located beside the event barn allowing for easy access from the certified commercial kitchen and wash area. No- till, permanent raised beds are mulched with straw to eliminate the need for mechanical cultivation and aid in improving the soil with each season.

There are two “high tunnels” or plastic greenhouses located in the center of the vegetable garden.  These tunnels allow us to produce food early and later in the season when weather is not favorable outside.  We also use them to start our seeds in late winter in order to have large healthy transplants ready to plant outside in the spring once the last frost has passed.

Soil Blocks

We grow all of our vegetable plants from seed using the soil block method.  Soil blocks are made using eight natural ingredients that have been approved for organic production. These ingredients are OMRI approved peat moss, sand, topsoil, compost, greensand, lime, rock phosphate and blood meal.  Once the soil blocks have been seeded, they are moved to our germination chamber.  The germination chamber can be set at different temperatures to create the ideal environment for a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Free From Artificial Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbicides

All of our produce, herbs and flowers are grown without the input of any synthetic or artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.  In addition to using compost in our soil blocks, we add it to our beds throughout the season in order to improve our soil health and quality of the plants we grow.  Crop families are rotated each year and we rely on lightweight row covers, companion planting and beneficial insects to aid in pest management.