Ancestry of the Farm

In 1811 the New Madrid earthquakes rocked through the country. Blue Bell Farm was established in 1812 as a part of the New Madrid Land Grants, which offered landowners a chance to relocate to other unclaimed public land free of charge.

In 1812, a true pioneer named Federal Walker came up from the Missouri boot heel and claimed this land for his family. He built the original cabins that are still part of the main farmhouse today.

Back to Our Roots

When the farm was first established there was a focus on pasture-raised hogs, beef and chickens. In addition to the animals, there was also a large, flourishing garden that provided enough produce to feed everyone on the farm.

We strive to maintain Blue Bell Farm as it was at its beginning. With these foundations in mind, our goal is to become more self-sufficient with each year so that one day we may procure everything we eat, or supply for events, from our land.

In an effort to restore diversity, we have incorporated many enterprises that all contribute to the overall health and beauty of our farm. Since moving to the farm in 2011, we have continued to grow the property in many ways.


Organically Grown Produce, Herbs & Flowers:

organically grown produceAll of our produce, herbs and flowers are grown without the input of any synthetic or artificial fertilizers or pesticides. We rotate crops and use row covers for pest management.

Beef Cattle:

beef cattleWe have replaced conventionally grown row crops with additional pasture for grass-finished beef cattle that mob graze and add fertilizer back to the soil.

Event Barn:

event barnCompleted in May of 2014, Blue Bell Barn was constructed with the existing farm structures in mind. Built to appear as if it has always been here, the barn blends in effortlessly with its surroundings. It is not your typical barn as it marries qualities of an upscale event venue with country charm. It offers an open floor plan with flexible patio and yard space for hosting events of all types.

Pasture-raised Laying Hens:

pasture raised hensOur movable chicken coop, or chicken tractor, is moved weekly and allows our hens free access to fresh grass and bugs. Our eggs are non-GMO and we only use certified USDA Organic feed to supplement the hen’s pasture based diet.