It’s June 1st and we have lots of ripe and juicy strawberries ready to be picked everyday.  Its our first strawberry harvest at the farm and we want to preserve their amazing flavor as long as we possibly can.  We have been freezing strawberries and making this strawberry vinegar so that we can enjoy the berries sweet taste and ruby color all month long.  You will find our frozen strawberries in the strawberries and cream popsicles at our Pizza & Movie Night on June 16th.  The strawberry vinegar will be used in the salad for our June Farm Dinner on June 9th.


Strawberry Vinegar

One pound quartered strawberries, three cups white wine vinegar, three quarters cup sugar.  Macerate strawberries with sugar for one hour and then cover with white wine vinegar, set overnight.  Discard strawberries fill glass jar with vinegar and refrigerate.

Strawberry vinegar will keep in the refrigerator for one month.